Letter from the Editor

Flawless Victory is the perfect name for this site. Before we decided to enter the lucrative game of content creation, Flawless Victory was the name of a $15 cocktail that the three regular contributors shared at Bonnie Vee in the Lower East Side on a cold, rainy night in New York. According to the menu, a Flawless Victory is made from bourbon, benedictine, Malbec, lemon, pineapple, ginger, honey and absinthe. That day, we had bar-crawled all the way from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, so maybe we were predisposed to hyperbole – but all of us agreed it was the best cocktail we’d ever had in our lives.

But a name is just a name, and since the phrase was introduced to me I’ve found it also expresses an important cultural phenomenon taking root at present.

Donald Trump lost the popular vote, yet his acolytes are ‘sick of winning.’ So many would-be winners have been felled by his Twitter sword – what is it that makes Hillary ‘Crooked,’ Marco ‘Liddle’ or Ted ‘Lyin’’ – they’re losers!

The Philadelphia Eagles defense allowed Tom Brady’s Superbowl-record 505 passing yards, and yet all we’re left weeks later are son-kissing memes.

When Bruno Mars won the Grammy for Album of the Year, why did it feel so hollow? Maybe Kendrick did deserve it, but even more striking were those who chose to sit out rather than risk taking the L: Drake, Frank Ocean, etc.

Even Twitterers imploring followers to ‘Shoot your shot’ do so based on the understanding that although we can not avoid our inevitable fate as losers, we postpone it through effort.

It transposes Harvey Dent’s axiom from the recent Batman franchise – die a winner, or live long enough to see yourself become a loser.

Maybe we are three disillusioned, young professionals taking on the world, or maybe we’re three unqualified losers shooting our shot. You’ll have to read to find out. Either way, please be entertained.

Stay tuned…

nicholas sobel

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