2018 NFL – Week 17 Predictions

Week 16 Record: 3-2

While I was abroad last week one of our staff writers filled in with an above average week. I am not sure how I feel about the 3-2 week since he based his picks on which mascot would win in a fight (i.e. a ram would destroy a cardinal in 1:1 combat).

Regardless, if we went 3-2 every week we’d be at 60% on the year which is well above our average, so I shouldn’t throw stones…

2018 Record: 43-60-1

Record since Week 4: 31-33-1

With many of the playoff slots already clinched, several teams will be resting key players in order to avoid injury. I’m ready to get familiar with some backups and watch a high dose of ground & pound.

Week 17 Picks

Jets +13.5 at Patriots

If this game was three weeks ago I’d be on the Patriots side. However, the Patriots historically employ run-heavy gameplans in Week 17 when they have basically clinched, so 13.5 is a high number to cover. Additionally, the Patriots do not pass the eye test this year and Sam Darnold looks to continue his end of season surge after a monster game against the Packers last week.

Giants -6 vs Cowboys

All four NFC divisions are clinched heading into week 17. Since the Cowboys are two or more games behind the Saints, Rams, and Bears, they are locked into the four seed. If Jason Garrett plays any of his key guys (Prescott, Elliott, Martin, Lawrence, etc.) I’d be surprised. The Giants season has been over for at least a month and beating the Cowboys on Sunday will be one of the highlights of their season.

Jaguars +7.5 at Texans

In what could be his last game as a Jaguar Blake Bortles will shine. Not only is Blake playing for an offseason backup QB deal but I think the team will get up for him. The Texans, also have little shot at a bye as the Patriots play the Jets, the Chiefs play the Raiders, and the Chargers play the Broncos. Houston may even sit Watson at the half after checking scores at halftime and seeing the Pats up big on the Jets.

Eagles -7 at Washington

Nick Foles is averaging over 370 yards and 2 TDs over the last two games and the motivation factor favors the Eagles here. Philly is half a game behind the Vikings for the number six seed in the NFC and the Vikings play the Bears this week. Doug Pedersen will throw everything at Josh Johnson this week, and Johnson is only throwing for 166 yards per game. We probably won’t see the Philly special, but look for a double digit Eagles win.  

Colts -3 at Titans

This is will be a hardfought game as Indy and Tennessee play for the 6 seed. We aren’t sure if Mariota is going to play yet and I can’t imagine Blaine Gabbert winning this one for the Titans. The Colts lead the NFL in 3rd down conversion percentage at 49.25% and are eighth in the NFL against the run.

Stats from teamrankings.com and ESPN

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